NOTE: i don't use Unmanic anymore, this page might get outdated over time.

Unmanic is a video conversion service that can automatically monitor your media collection and convert the videos according to a complex system of plugins.

After trying it out, i decided it's too much for my needs and never finished integrating in my setup.


As usual, it will live under it's own user. This user must be of group media to be able to access and modify your media collection:

useradd -d /data/daemons/unmanic -m unmanic -g media

Unmanic is installed via pip, do you need to enable it for user unmanic. Put this content in the file /data/daemons/unmanic/.conf/pip/pip.conf (create the folders if missing):

break-system-packages = true
user = true

Now install it, it's easy:

su - unmanic
python3 -m pip install unmanic
echo "export PATH=~/.local/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Now point your browser to and start using it.

If the unmanic plugins are missing (it seems an issue with the release system, might be addressed in the future) you need to repack them manually, but it's easy:

git clone https://github.com/Unmanic/unmanic-plugins.git
cd unmanic-plugins/
cp -a repo/ ~/.unmanic/plugins/official

I didn't liked it enough to get around creating a Reverse Proxy config for it, not automate the startup on boot.

Reverse Proxy info can be found here and automation on boot is identical to most of the other services, so i let that to you ad homework.